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RADDCOMM was formed to provide the highest quality network and radio frequency engineering services possible to wireless communications service providers. RADDCOMM's principals, managers and engineers make the commitment to take ownership of a project to ensure the wireless provider meets its goals in a timely and economical manner. RADDCOMM's personnel draw on their own experiences of building and operating wireless networks to ensure the project's success.

RADDCOMM's staff of wireless communications professionals have extensive experience in Radio and Network Engineering, Project Management, Equipment Provisioning and Deployment, Strategic Planning, and Business and Financial Modeling. By combining this experience with hands-on, direct personal involvement, RADDCOMM will exceed the wireless provider's expectations.

RADDCOMM prefers to concentrate on the individual goals and needs of the wireless provider by utilizing the highest quality people available. There may be instances where a service provider has a project that involves more resources than RADDCOMM has available. In this case, RADDCOMM would acknowledge this situation to the wireless provider, and re-iterate that its own goal is to provide the highest quality engineering services, and not just "throw bodies" into a project.

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