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Since RADDCOMM's inception it has been our goal to deliver to our clients quality Network Engineering services tailored to their particular needs. We pride ourselves on delivering the most reliable, innovative and cost effective network solutions. Our Network Design team works with our clients from project inception to completion. Listed below is just some of the Network Services we offer:

  • Network Design, Planning, and Implementation Request for Proposal (RFP) Design
  • Ethernet Backhaul Design and Engineering
  • Transport Databases
    • Granite / XNG
  • SS7 Design, Planning, and Implementation Services
  • STP Design, Planning, and Implementation Services Traffic Planning
    • Least Cost Routing (LCR) Evaluation and Design
    • Point of Interconnect (POI) Location Analysis
    • PSTN Tariffs, Long Distance Carriers Negotiations
    • Tandem and Central Office Location Designations
    • Interconnection Rate Analysis
    • Traffic Engineering, Grade of Service, Switch Growth
  • Network Operations Center (NOC) Design and Implementation
  • Translation Design and Dial Plan Development
  • E-911 Phase I & II
    • 911 Deployment Coordination
    • Trunk Testing and Turn-up
    • PSAP / MPC / GMLC / Call Testing Coordination
    • A-GPS / UTDOA implementation / integration / testing / operation support
    • Lb Link design (F-Link and Sigtran over IP)
  • Transport Cost Recovery Analysis / Audit
    • Network audit to reduce Monthly Reoccurring Charges (MRCs)
    • Client Database vs. Vendor (LEC/CLEC) Database Audit
    • Comparative analysis between Database�s to identify discrepancies
    • Client Database vs. Billing Invoices to determine unnecessary transport within Network
    • Work with Clients Network Eng. Dept. to issue disconnects to reduce MRC�s
    • Client Database Clean-up
  • Engineering Due Diligence Studies (System Audit)
    • Verification of Network for Market Acquisition
    • Document Existing Network
  • Quality Assurance
  • Revenue Assurance Testing

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