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Listed below is a small sampling of RADDCOMM's services related to WiFi / WiMAX Network Engineering. Today's wireless providers require access to expertise and knowledge in many different arenas. RADDCOMM is capable of being the wireless providers exclusive engineering source.

  • Service and Equipment Provider Selection Process � Creation of Request For Proposals (RFP�s)
  • Contract Negotiations with Service and Equipment Providers
  • Program / Project Management for Implementation and Installation of Network Infrastructure
  • Radio Frequency (RF) Environment Evaluation of Industry, Scientific and Medical (ISM) Bands as well as Licensed bands
  • Radio Network Coverage Planning & Design of Access Point�s (AP�s)
  • Network Design and Implementation of Access Points (AP�s)
  • Network Design and Implementation for Integration into Wired Networks
  • Network Migration to Voice Services over Infrastructure � Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)
  • Interoperability with Other Network Providers
  • Technical Training of Client Employees

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